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There is an absolute abundance of information about DFK spread out all over the internet. The community for DFK have proven to be resourceful, insightful and genuinely willing to share what they’ve learned with others. Only trouble is that it can be hard to find the information, relate it to other game aspects and build up a complete understanding of DFK and how best to utilise it and play.

DFK Eggspert - seen here at https://www.dfkeggspert.com - will be a wiki for DFK that covers everything ingame, whilst also collating all the best guides and information from around the web. In addition to offering a central resource for learning about DFK, DFK Eggspert will also provide unique content, custom guides and news so that everything about DFK - post, present and future - can be documented effectively.

The real kicker is that all the information will tie in together, so that anyone can do further reading on a subject without having to go back to Google and starting their research from the beginning. This will especially help newer members of the community, both to DFK and to DeFI gaming in general, who otherwise might not even know what information to look for.

Grant Rationale

The grant will allow me to commit the time required to sufficiently document everything I need to and continue to provide unique content such as guides and insight. Having already spent over 100 hours on this, there’s a constant pressure to keep up with the game and commit the time needed to match the output of the team.

Since I started working on the site, Training Quests have come out, Gen0 rerolls and the Stone Carver, as well as the Easter Egg event and other small developments. It’s a challenge to both catch up with eight months of development, whilst also trying to keep up with a big team of full time developers producing new content all the time.

So far I’ve invested in additional resources to help me stay on top of development - I’ve bought a laptop so I can work on the website during the week when I’m working away from home as well as the running costs of the website. I was determined to provide a quality resource for the community but I’m not sure it dawned on me how many hours it was going to take to make sure I continued to develop and evolve DFK Eggspert until after I started.

The grant will allow me to focus on what I’m doing with the website and continue to prioritise this project over other endeavours. In order for the information I’m presenting to be current and relevant, it has to be a long-term commitment to constantly track and evaluate changes and updates to DFK and present this in such a way that it allows players or investors of all levels and abilities to make the most of, and the best decisions regarding, DeFi Kingdoms.

Grant Amount


I’d like to suggest that due in part to the resources already invested, and due to the time spent and time still to be spent, that this would be a reasonable figure to enter into negotiations at.

Team Information

Project Lead: Stronghold

Why I’m a good fit for this project: Before my time spent serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (working in Communication), I was working full time as a content writer, social media manager and online reputation management consultant.

Having spent several years in that position, and having invested significant time already in both sourcing information and sharing information with the DFK community, I feel that creating this website is the next natural step in my development within the community.

Wanted but not critical:

  • Somebody with experience in Wordpress to help with formatting and presentation.
  • A pixel artist to provide unique or bespoke headers and graphics for pages to make the content more visually appealing.

Requests from DFK Team

At the moment gathering information is a slow process as I have to track down information that’s spread out over the community, and even within the team. Having access to information as it’s released, and access to the team so that I may obtain information directly from source, would be a big help. It seems at times that various departments operate somewhat autonomously and finding somebody who has the information I’m looking for can be a task in itself.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

This project would not directly interact with the game at all, but simply be dependant on its evolution to continue to provide quality content to people to enable maximum uptake of new and existing features.


I keep a constant to-do list on my private Discord server, and on the website itself. I use it to track things I need to add, change or improve about the website. Because so much of the website is information-based, it’s hard to estimate how much time individual tasks take.

FAQs can take anything from ten minutes to an hour depending on how much detail I need to go into and how many other areas of the website I link to for further reading. Also when I add new information and resources to the website, I have to update the FAQs so they’re pointing to the most up to date and relevant information.

Guides/tutorials can take hours or days, depending on the subject material. A lot of research is required for this, as well as confirmation of information from the team, to ensure the information I’m providing is accurate.

Payment Schedule

A fifth of the total grant paid quarterly with the first payment made immediately upon successful application of the grant for work completed so far. Subsequent payments would only be made if it can be demonstrated that the website is up to date with current information at each interval. Allowances to be made for big releases that are dropped in the days immediately before a review date.

Timeline with Milestones

As this project has no completion date owing to its nature, the milestones of the website would have to mirror the milestones of the game itself. Except of course for the backdated content that I should hope to have completed by the end of June (including Pets and Hero Duels)

Long Term Plan

I am fully invested in DFK - by both having a small financial stake in the game (like I said - I work in the military, we aren’t rich heh) and in the community that supports it. I will be working on the website to an extent regardless of the success of this grant application as I think it’s important to ensure comprehensive information is available to anyone who seeks it. It’s something that I’ve been doing since I got involved in the Discord and will continue to do regardless of the success or failure of DFK Eggspert.

External Links

Website linked at the start of the post (I can’t share more than two links in a post as I’m new!)

File Uploads

None - everything I have so far has already been shared on the website above.


Very active and helpful community member. Indeed a value to the community!


Well written up site, stuff like that will really help the next wave of players coming in


Thank you kindly. Lots and lots still to do, but hoping the result will be beneficial to people.

Hi team!

Just wondering if there’s any movement on my proposal scorecard?

I don’t mean to rush anyone along, but I have things I need to change about the Grant Amount / Grant Rationale section. If you’ve not got to scoring this yet, I’ll make my changes to this version, otherwise I’ll wait until I hear back.

Per chance, what’s the turn-around time on hearing back? I only ask as there are several things I need to do to improve my website that will cost me more money than I currently have spare to allocate to the project.

Cheers all!

Hey there… My review is done… Just waiting for Sunbear to do his then we will get it posted for you to view. After it is posted we can schedule a call to talk about next steps. Thx!


Greetings… I have attached the review for your proposal. Let’s schedule a time soon to discuss and maybe tighten a few things up. Thanks! build@kingdomstudios.io
Grant Review

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