DFK Eggspert Co-Marketing Application


DFK Eggspert is designed to be a central resource of information for everything related to DFK.

With information about DeFi Kingdoms being so spread out over the internet, it can make onboarding and educating players a time-intensive endeavour. Ensuring that information is up to date and accurate is essential to allowing people to make informed decisions about both their self-determined financial approach to the DFK ecosystem, but also about getting the most out of the gameplay elements too.

In addition to pooling information from external sources, DFK Eggspert provides unique, bespoke guides on both simple and complex topics as well as informational graphics that are easily shared and distributed within the community.

Team Information

Ken “Stronghold” Halfpenny (Project Lead) and Vincent “Katar Undine” Squillacioti (Technical Support)

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

This website is entirely informational and free-to-use and has no direct interaction with the DFK Game or the blockchain(s) that it sits upon.


I believe that the website synergizes well with the DFK product and shares core values with the team in enabling and encouraging greater and more depth involvement and awareness of different considerations and opportunities within DFK.

How and Where

To me, co-marketing would consist of official acknowledgement ingame as a listed partner through the Jester, as well as being named as a partner in a Discord list of approved resources. It would also consist of social media reciprocity as my content signposts people directly to the DeFi Kingdom website both in my profile bio and various posts that I create (on Twitter and Reddit). Whilst I wouldn’t presume to have my website listed in the bio for the official DeFi Kingdoms pages, I do create a lot of visual content that would serve the team well were you to post my images and guides with credit within your platforms. Not everything of course, but elements that would serve all parties well.

Smart Contracts

No smart contracts were harmed in the making of this website.

Project links and uploads

Infographics – DFK Eggspert (for visual uploads)