DFK Guilds Architecture

DFK Guilds Architecture - Building the Community’s Foundation


Guilds within DefiKingdoms have long been talked about as a future feature of the ecosystem. Being able to band together with players, quest, trade and fight in autonomous member-controlled community organisations.

However, apart from the exclusive and somewhat mysterious DFK DAO, no significant group has formed within the community outside of some Discord channels and content creators, which have served as informal knowledge and social networks.

I want to present an opportunity to port over and integrate an existing project into the DefiKingdoms ecosystem and kick-start the community collectivisation!


Babylon is a social investing framework developed on the Ethereum network. It allows custodians to create investment clubs called Gardens, that invest into the DeFi space on behalf of their members. Strategists propose different theses and strategies, whilst every member has a vote in the operation and parameters of the Garden.

It aims to build communities around common investment and strategic goals, whilst entrusting responsibility to the knowledgeable and innovative users to steer the Gardens and increase the returns of all members.

The Babylon App has in-built features to allow communities to interact with smart contracts, vote on proposals, discuss strategies and pool resources together. It is also integrated with Discord and provides a sleek browser UX with performance analytics and a high level of security built in.

/DFK Guilds by Babylon/

Now, to connect my points and present my thesis.

DFK has the opportunity to port over ready-made architecture to build up Guilds in a quick and secure manner. Babylon is EVM compatible, highly-secure, and is in the final process of being completely open source.

Building on the infrastructure that Babylon provides, the DFK Guilds can be customised to interact with DFK contracts; hold NFTs and give the users the ability to stake heroes into the Guild for membership privileges; hold LP positions based on community sentiment; vote for proposals, strategies and office holders; Proof of Membership NFTs and shares to own a stake of the Guild; token rewards that could be paid out in DFK native tokens; link to an exclusive Discord channel with automatic bot updates; and finally, all this can be wrapped up in DFKs unmistakable art style and community spirit!

Grant Rationale

Providing the Architecture to Build the Community Guilds people have been waiting for.

Grant Amount

  • 50k USD
  • Opportunity for Babylon Finance to match community grant through own Treasury

This would not just be an app sitting on top off or scraping data from DFK, it would be built integrally into the DFK Chain to provide a home for the community.
It would be fully integrated as part of the DFK ecosystem and would present an opportunity for community ownership of the architecture.
Further opportunities to integrate with the Babylon main app including DAO treasuries and DFK focused Gardens.

Team Information

The opportunity is for a collaboration between the projects to produce a dedicated team for developing and implementing this as a new feature.

I bring Project Management skills and crypto knowledge, but admittedly no technical experience to deliver this.
Babylon offers support for development and integration from Director Ramon Recuero (doxxed) and Security Lead Raul Riesco (doxxed), but will require dedicated developers to deliver the project including technical, art and design teams.

I propose the majority of the grant funds be used to recruit and maintain this team of dedicated developers.

Requests from DFK Team

API and backend access required.
Large initial commitment for Dev consultation that should tail off as the project develops.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

Built on DFK Chain, interact with Gardens, Quests and other In-game contracts.
Use Heroes to stake in the Guild for membership and other benefits.
Hold NFTs and trade within the Guild.
Further incentivise participation with DFK token rewards and bonuses.


/All deliverables are forecasted and no dates can be estimated./

  1. Both Apps sharing access and resources to develop integration plan
  2. Porting of Babylon infrastructure to DFK Chain
  3. Integration and Customisation of Babylon to develop own Architecture
  4. Creation of DFK Guilds as a separate app
  5. Testing and commissioning of features proposed above
  6. Security audit and ongoing support
  7. Custom Art Assets and UX, integration into DFK app
  8. Foundation Guilds and public access

Payment Schedule

Progress claims marked against deliverables above.
Cash flow schedule to be developed in initial project set-up.

Timeline with Milestones

Programme to be provided upon creation of team and initial start-up meeting.
Gantt chart to be developed and presented for milestone tracking.

Long Term Plan

Self-management of Guilds with oversight by DFK team.
Guilds can use the app to self-fund their own maintenance costs, feed JEWEL use-cases and increase Guild members incomes.
Support from the Babylon Finance team, ongoing security monitoring and potential integrations with the main app.

External Links

Discord Link and Docs available in above link.

File Uploads

/Mock-up examples only to present possible features for integration./


One of the best proposals out there imo. Would add much more of a team aspect to the game as right now it is literally just individual questing and not much thought about guilds or team factor

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You’d be surprised to learn that there are numerous Guilds.

I happen to be a member of one, Degen Heroes.

I think It’d make sense to touch base with the Guilds before attempting such a bold proposal.

I am also confused as to why Guilds would need an investment tool… AFAIK most guilds revolve around different values and principles…

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Well, I will just say that I am glad the build website is here to promote community growth.

Nothing but Love



Hi mate,
Thanks for you response.
And yes, I had joined and raised this with a couple Guilds.
I joined Degen Heroes this morning, so happy to discuss there as well if youd like?

To address your concerns, I like the community the Guilds have been able to develop, however they dont have the onchain tools to run a Guild as we would traditionally see them. That is something like the WoW model: Ranks, Bank, Trading, Inter-Guild cooperation, formal membership etc etc.

My idea is to provide the tools to allow Guilds to build it as they see fit. All of the above proposed features would be opt in, so maybe a Guild just wants to give members a nice badge, or maybe they want to take an active role in the DFK economy.

That way, they can formally with on-chain infrastructure, create the Guilds around their values and principles, as you say.

Happy Questing :slight_smile:

So are you proposing to make an “as well as” or an “instead of” Guilds component to the one already on the team’s roadmap?

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I think it would be “instead of”, however I have no vision of the Roadmap Guild suggestion, progress or anything.

The fact it was “in the mist” of the roadmap lends me to believe it is still in start-up stage.

Okay. I’d be keen to see some dialogue with the team as to what their plans are for Guilds and whether your proposal would fit with their vision. If you can create the kind of system they’re looking to implement anyway, it might be that they defer to you for this. But I do think communication is important otherwise we’re risking duplication of effort and that wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests.

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Of course, and the offer is to take on any team members who may have been working on this in the background.

I posted here, but otherwise it’s hard to get the management team’s attention.

Hey that’s fair enough man, I’m not trying to say “don’t do it” lol. The whole point of this is to encourage people outside the team to get involved in the project.

It’s a well-structured proposal and if there’s scope to integrate it with the team’s plans and provide a good tool for people to band together then great.

Did you reach out for a grant proposal consult with SunBear and PianoMan? They got back to me pretty quickly and I found that having a conversation with them helped me in framing my plans - both by way of project scope and how best to present the idea as a grant proposal.

Oh, I didnt take your comments as negative, I appreciate your responses!

Thanks for the advice, I will reach out to them. Didnt know there was any process so I just thought I’d get it up here and try to start promoting it. Did you ping them on Discord?

Cool cool :slight_smile:


On this page is a link to request a consultation, which is how I got a hold of Sun Bear to arrange a time that would work :slight_smile:

Hey think this is super cool and love the idea of including other defi projects. But before we accept or decline proposals like this I think we need more information about how guilds will function in game.

I know I am also excited to propose something related to guilds, however I am hesitant because there are so many unknowns as to how the guilds will effect the game and/or effect any blockchain interactions within the game.

Would love to get further info from the team on how guilds will function. Including it as an example in this category has my head spinning, do they want us to submit our guild plans/asset strategy and they will fund it? (I doubt that) but further advice on the topic of “guilds” would be very much appreciated.

Matty Pesq

Hello 0xfrankiecrisp,
I am working on connecting with the team this week to see what I can find out about the vision and plans for guilds. I have sent you an invite for a consultation. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks SunBear,
Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Cheers :smiley:

Excited to join the consultation as well