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I started initially as a media hub for the 3D fan art I was inspired to create from the dynamic events happening within the DFK ecosystem. At the same time I hope that providing visual perspectives from different viewpoints may inspire and motivate both the founding team, community members and potential partners to continually believe in the vision of DFK.

When community members started sharing the GIFs I have created and got the crowd hyping up, I came a realization that every single one of us has the innate potential to contribute towards a grand synergy of the entire DFK project in our own ways.

I would like to organize weekly fan art events, in which community members has the opportunity to promote both DFK and themselves at the same time, while continuously driving awareness to the entire web 3.0 industry on the existence of the DFK project.

This project would involve mechanics that would encourage existing community members to share about DFK in a non-intrusive and positive manner, rewarding them directly with prizes like jewels, crystals, floor-price heroes achieve through sustainable methods such as a DFK Fan Art exclusive gardens LP etc.

Prizes will be small at the start, however, as we gain more traction, my plan is to add the tips that I receive from commissioned art pieces into the garden LPs to increase the overall rewards over time.

If the DFK team will be able to match 1 for 1 for the rewards, that would probably help contribute to even bigger marketing outreach impact, for as long as the weekly contests are being held.

Would love to discuss further with the marketing team on how we can further solidify this co-marketing strategy!

Team Information

256BITa - I started my first MMORPG game 20 years ago, and I still have my original account in Runescape, of which I recently received a 20 years cape as a recognition of my loyalty to the game. I sincerely believe that DFK will be here for many decades to come and with my background in digital marketing and content creation honed over a decade, I hope to contribute my skillset to the growth of the DFK project. I am based in Singapore and I am quite well versed with the business setup structures, so if there are any plans to initiate a satellite office or HQ in this country, I can assist with the process as well.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

The project currently does not have any connection to the DFK Blockchain, but I would love if there are potential synergy that is possible to link it up with.

Currently, the 3D fan art is mostly on interpretations of a more 3D perspective to the game itself, to celebratory visuals such as the birthday cake that celebrates the first DFK birthday etc.


On, the top fold immediately indicates that the visuals made here are purely fan art and not to be taken as the future directions nor possible revelations of what is to come to avoid misalignment in expectations and such.

I hope that the creations can help inspire the development of future features and spur existing community members to keep hyping DFK project to the external market and bring about a continuous stream of new players.

How and Where

A link with the new NPC, Artist Florinda, would be fantastic!

Smart Contracts

No smart contracts are involved for this project.

Project links and uploads

Main site:

Link to created GIFs that community members can share on discord and other GIF friendly sites: 256BITa's GIFs on Tenor

My twitter:


Anyone who has floated around Twitter, Discord, or other various social media sources that have seen @256BIT 's amazing dynamic art pieces can all agree that they are stunning masterpieces. @256BIT is a talented 3D artist who has the potential to truly bring DFK to a whole new level through the incredible works that have already been shared around the community. As a person who is onboard with DFK’s development, willingness to adapt to the changes in which the market constantly throws at the project, and a true diehard fan of the raw talent that the community has to offer, so we all may strive as a whole, I am onboard with @256BIT 's proposal. May this opportunity be another great step towards the success we have come to know and love through the wonderment of DeFi Kingdoms.

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Thank you very much Kupo for your kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

#BULLISH :fire:

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Big fan of 256BITs art. I enjoy looking at all the tiny details. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you Born! Much appreciated! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Great stuff man! Would love to collab on some stuff if you are ever willing.


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Hello 256BIT
Thank you for your submission! We have recently updated our process to include the Artist in the Castle that will display fan art such as yours. If you would please add to your application the three missing pieces that will allow us to process your request. We need the last three sections of this template completed (Format of Submission, Description, and Link or Upload). Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Can’t believe I just saw this my bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Would definitely love to, currently clearing some backlog but should be good to go soon! :smiley:

Got this! Will add it in asap! Thanks again SunBear! :blush:

feel free to DM me anytime



My bad on the delay! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Lots of IRL things were happening recently lol.

Format of Submission

Here’s a link to the latest video fan art I did:


A fan art depiction of how the new Jade token looks like IRL.

Direct Link:

Have a great one!

Here’s a more recent creation!

BAAANKAI! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: