DFK Helper (DFKH) - Suite of Trustless Public Tools

This proposal strikes an eminently reasonable position for including DFKH in the Castle without referring to the DFKH AI product, or leading new players to the product. Based on my own experience and discussions I’ve had with numerous community members, DFKH has been instrumental in keeping players active, involved, and supportive of DFK generally. Moreover, the team behind DFKH truly places DFK first and foremost in their minds. DFK–both the team and the community–has received so much from DFKH, it seems unfair not to recognize them in the Castle.


Recent additions - Hero Viewer, Pet Viewer, Hero Bridge, Hero Transfer, Pet Bridge, Pet Transfer:

Added a live CV gas price and gas unit usage chart to our Dashboard at https://beta.dfkhelper.com:

Hero Transfer on Mobile

Added option to use Multi-Send, our own contract that allows transferring hundreds of heroes in one transaction. That means the user can now use either the official DFK contract, to move one hero at a time, or our Multi-Send:

Discord server public bot commands