DFK x Generative Dungeon

Good day, Kingdom! Present Holders with the opportunity to further utilize their Heroes as a playable Avatar in the first fully-playable NFT RPG – Generative Dungeon (GD), where the NFT is the game! Find below an example of just what can be done with DFK and GD.
Play as a Monk in my custom-built Perilous Pirates Dungeon floor!

Team Information
Generative Dungeon is a project developed by Dungeon Master (@DungeonSpawner), a developer with 20 years of programming experience, and 3 years in NFTs. When discovering NFTs, he saw there were no playable NFTs and decided to give it a go.
Represented by Matthew Tunks (@ACruiseyP) (2 years in NFTs, 6 years in crypto, and 12 years in forex), Brynna Tunks (@HoneyB_GD) (2 years in crypto/NFTs, 5 years in business management), and Hür Oran (@HurryNFT) (3 years in crypto/NFTs, 15 years web design, and 7 years digital marketing). Together, they run their own playable NFT server with @PlayYourNFTs hosting weekly tournaments and giving away prizes.
Various other community members, including myself, assist with moderating, outreach & collabs, hosting spaces, etc. Personally, I’ve been involved with DFK since late 2021 and Generative Dungeon since early 2022, and I want to see both projects succeed immensely.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Generative Dungeon is the world’s first fully playable, fully customizable, community driven RPG collection. What GD can bring to DFK is a customized, fully-playable Hero Avatar for use in a Dungeon of their choosing at the cost of 1 Dungeon purchase (0.11 ETH FP), and they’re open to discussing additional Hero Avatar implementations. Initially, the community could vote on which Hero they’d want as a playable avatar in-dungeon, with further discussion between DFK and GD leading to additional Hero-Avatar implementations. Dragoon holders could play as a Dragoon in a dungeon crafted by DFK, Dreadknight holders as a Dreadknight, the list goes on.

As a Dungeon holder, DFK could host weekly competitions (Tilted Tuesdays?) where they reward the highest scorer within a 24 hour period, the one to complete the dungeon fastest, etc.

They could also use it as a gamified Discord server entry, aiding to prevent bots while providing a fun, interactive experience for newcomers to the Kingdom, really limitless possibilities.

Each Dungeon NFT is a full-fledged game that can be played on OpenSea or any other marketplaces, and can be embedded on any website. The owner can customize it, design floors in the dungeon, lock it with a password and even run competitions in it. The collection consists of 3,000 dungeons with different tilesets, starting floors, characters, monsters, scrolls and number of levels ranging from 10 to infinite.

Generative Dungeon synergizes greatly with DFK and Kingdom Studios, presenting further utility to, and a PVE aspect for, their Heroes, exclusive to Hero holders. Generative Dungeon looks to add value and utility incentives to DeFi Kingdoms and their community.

How and Where
Marketing can occur on social media, your website, Generative Dungeon’s website, within DFK in-game as an expansion, wherever both teams see fit.

Smart Contracts
Yes, Generative Dungeon utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum network and they have been verified and audited. These contracts can be found within their docs linked in their Twitter bio.

Project Links
Project Twitter - https://twitter.com/GenDungeon


This seems like a phenomenal idea!!

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It looks amazing !! Would love to see what can be done.

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This is really cool. First time hearing about playable NFTs!

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Absolutely! I know we’ve all been waiting for PVE/PVP with DFK, and this collab with Generative Dungeon would definitely get us on the right path with next to no effort from the DFK team in the meantime!

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Hello r0wdy,
I am also really excited about integrating our NFTs into other games. Are you part of the Generative Dungeon team or do you represent them in some way?

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Hey Sunbear,

Truthfully, I’m just a fan of what they’re building over at Generative Dungeon, but I’m an active community member who’s been in talks with them regarding this collab, and they’d be more than happy to discuss an integration.

I can get us into a group chat/call if you’d want to work that out over DM either on Discord (r0wdy#6724) or Twitter (@reallyr0wdy).

I’ve also since obtained a different dungeon with my own customizations if you’d want to try it out. :slight_smile:

Yes, an intro would be great. Can we shoot for the first week of December since there are so many priorities right now with the new launch? Email me at sunbear@kingdomstudios.io to coordinate. Thanks!

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First week of December works, they’ll be in touch. Look forward to working with y’all! :tada: