Map Navigation and Possibly more Immersion

  1. As the game development progress, I suppose we could implement a similar navigation system as how we can go from central marketplace to East marketplace without having to use the map to go around.
  2. Maybe we can take control of our owned hero and navigate around town which could give more immersion.

Hi there Sheriff_Mintz! Thanks for joining in the conversation!

I agree, having a system whereby we can control our characters and navigate them around would indeed make the experience a lot more immersive.

You’ll be happy to know that this is already on the cards! And in fact, it’s one of six game elements that the team were hoping to introduce in Q3 of this year, so there might not be all that long to wait either!

Whilst they’ve said that they’re hoping to have this in place in Q3, it’s a significantly more demanding bit of gameplay that they’re trying to code directly onto the blockchain. One of the reasons we love this game is because of how ambitious it is, but we also need to understand that with any new and pioneering technology, not everything will go immediately to plan. It will be awesome when it arrives, but as with anything we’ll do ourselves a massive favour if we have patience for these things, rather than set ourselves up for disappointment by putting everything on set deadlines.

If you have any more suggestions about DFK feel free to share them! There’s so much potential here for people to get involved that it would be a shame if people didn’t share their ideas like this.

Thanks again for getting involved - hope to see more of you around the discussion forums here!