Idea for tactic style PVP/PVE (Also in Community Brainstorming)

DFK is set up perfect for A strategy tactic style battle system.

I’m introducing an idea for PVP/PVE battles that, in my mind, work perfect for DFK hero’s and stat building. My idea would be essentially, you choose you’re team based on your best 3 hero’s and battle them against another team on different maps. It would be stamina and turn base.

Example: Two teams face each other with all warriors (melee based heros,) so neither side can deal damage until they are face to face, but if a team of archers fight a team of warriors the archers can attack the warriors as they approach. So range matters. This element of tactics I think would make pvp very popular. Picture it like a game of chess.

This would be as follows:
-Interactive battles
-Location matters (Map of “Squares” similar to chess)
-Turned based
-Strategy based
-Multiple hero Utilization
-Team configuring for most effective 3-5 hero groups

The Idea is inspired by games such as Vandal Hearts and Final fantasy Tactics. This battle style would be perfect for DFK because its not just stat vs stat, there is an element of skill and tactics involved.

Example of idea Below: Vandal hearts Playstation 1
(Also check Final Fantasy Tactics for example)

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