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Monoguilds is a co-op blockchain game that has infinite variables in the battles between players and guilds.

Monoguilds is a strategy game. Players can join guild and use participate in battle with other players/guilds. This will be the an interactive game which is actually fun instead of just stake NFT & earn. More details can be read from our Docs or Medium

All the in-game NFTs has it’s utilities and will be unique. They can be traded in marketplace (internal or external) in future.

The presale regarding Pieces & Guilds details will be announce after the NFT art is rebranded and more feature will be build on Testnet.

Game Prototype (Harmony Devnet) :

Grant Rationale

To increase the overall development, hire Graphic Artist and Marketing to rebrand Monoguilds. Expand the team to 3-4 people ASAP which include software developers, 1 artist & 1 marketing/mod

Grant Amount

Team Information

I’m the only member and founder of the Monoguilds, also working as software & solidity development

Requests from DFK Team

Consultant regarding technical and business in web3 space. We would appreciate if DFK team can help us to gain more exposure.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

We plan to use DFK dex to launch our initial liquidity as DFK has the highest TVL in harmony.
Guilds and Profiles feature in Monoguilds open up more interaction between players where players can show off their NFTs not only belongs to Monoguilds, but also outside of the Monoguilds game assets. For example someone whos holding more rare heroes will have different role in Monoguilds. Which can get more attention from other peoples.
In early stage, we don’t plan to provide any in-game uitilities for other game’s NFT as it might be conflict and hard to execute because every NFT will have different attribute. The player can only show off other game NFT which already been indexed by us.

DFK heroes which serve as NFT has the possibilities to be integrated to Monoguilds, we will need some technical details on the graphics on heroes as it’s doesnt use image in tokenURI.


Testnet Prototype - In progress
Solidity development (Profile, Guilds & Pieces)- Done
Solidity development (Battle)- In progress
Battle mechanism proposal - In progress
Asset art (Piece, Guilds)
Gameplay UI/UX (Piece & Guilds)
Gameplay UI/UX (Battle)

Payment Schedule

5000 - Testnet Prototype, more comprehensive feature (Profiles & Guilds & Pieces)
5000 - Formation of teams which include Software dev, artist & marketing
5000 - Mainnet launch with presale for the Profiles & Guilds (After rebranding Art)
5000 - Battle feature (Testnet)
5000 - Battle feature (Mainnet)

Timeline with Milestones

< 31 July - Testnet Prototype, more comprehensive feature (Profiles & Guilds & Pieces)
< 31 August - Formation of teams which include Software dev, artist & marketing
< 31 Oct - Mainnet launch with presale for the Profiles & Guilds (After rebranding Art)
Dec 2022- Battle feature (Testnet)
January 2023 - Battle feature (Mainnet)

Long Term Plan

We will keep the game balance and keep updating the gameplay contract. We will keep our game development at priority first. We will also propose more ideas which can bring more value to Monoguilds and DFK constantly.

External Links

Discord: Monoguilds
Medium: Monoguilds – Medium

File Uploads

Hello. We will get this on our schedule to review and rate your proposal. Give us a week or so and we will get it posted for you and schedule a consultation. Thanks!

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