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Bless - KYC in KS database

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Media Content with Videos and Live Streaming and Discussions on
Market interaction with the DFK game, its NFTs, its tokens, and the blockchain.

How and Where
Youtube Co-marketing Application Via what I and Sunbear spoke about previously.

Most recent proposal


Hello Bless,
So just so I am clear, you are asking for co-marketing for your youtube channel?

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Yes Sir, that is correct. Potentially doing what we talked about to increase player acquisition.

If you would like to get a jump on things while the committee is processing your application feel free to provide information for the in-game NPCs. Here are the instructions that have been added the START HERE thread:

Co-marketing materials guidelines for Jester and Archivist

Once approved for co-marketing you can use this guide to provide the materials needed for getting listed in game under the Jester for games, and Archivist for other tools and partners.

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In order to place your information in the DFK game we need some information from you.

  1. An image (most people will likely use a screenshot): 16:9 aspect ratio, minimum size 896W x 504H.
  2. A short description (200 character limit) of your product to go on the card.
  3. A longer description to go in the modal that pops up after. This one can include information about your team if you wish.
  4. Links to your product and any social media links you would also like included.
  5. Developer or team name.

(short description)
Bless on DFK at Midnight - YouTube - Live Streams

(longer description)
Live Streams featuring giveaways and contests for DFK assets, special guest appearances, infographics, guides, community feedback and much much more!

Youtube Channel



Dev and Team Name

Bless - Four Leaf Games