KBP Announcement November 9, 2022

Two major updates today!

  1. We are nearing the launch of the Artist in the castle in Crystalvale. This NPC will house all DFK related fan art, writing, music, videos, podcasts, etc. We have moved all previous co-marketing applications that fit into this category into the “Application for Artist” thread and they will be encouraged to complete the new application requirements. We are very excited to feature your contributions to the Kingdom for everyone to enjoy. Here is the link to the application template for the Artist. DFK Artist Application - Google Docs

  2. We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Zipper has joined the Kingdom Building Program team. He has joined the Kingdoms Studios core team, has been a huge asset and support for the community builders, and is very excited to help grow and enrich this program. Mr. Zipper and SunBear will manage the program together with Mr. Zipper focusing on building within the community and SunBear focused on building and co-marketing with established partners. We are already brainstorming ways to expand this program in order to strengthen the kingdom. Welcome Mr Zipper!