Kingdom Building Program

Kingdom Building Program Overview

The Kingdom Building Program exists to drive innovation for the benefit of the DFK game, the DFK community players, and the blockchain experience. It is one way we listen to the needs and desires of the community, in addition to reinforcing their efforts and supporting their ideas.

Kingdom Building Program Scope

  • Enhance the overall DFK experience
  • Create utility for DFK NFTs and tokens
  • Improve overall blockchain and multichain experience
  • Innovate the DeFi, P2E, or NFT space
  • Focus on empowering individuals and groups within the DFK community

The Kingdom Building Program provides support to an individual or a team to help them develop their grant proposal for a community vote. If approved by the community the grant is meant to provide the support needed to build or create their product or project. Generally there are three grant amounts available ($50K, $25K, $10K USD). The highest amount of funding will go to proposals that relate to, benefit, or synergize with DeFi Kingdoms. Other proposals will be considered and may receive funding based on the extent to which they relate to DeFi Kingdoms. Additional factors considered are the transparency of the team, their willingness to dox, history in the DFK community and project, or other projects or resources created by them previously.


If you would like a consultation with a member of the Impact Initiative Team to discuss your ideas or to receive feedback on a proposal you are interested in submitting, please fill out this form and we will schedule a meeting with you. This consultation is optional and is not required to submit a grant proposal. Consultation Request Link

Submitting a Grant Proposal

To submit your grant proposal go to There you will register in the Discourse system, choose the type of grant you are applying for, and post your proposal for the community to see. See detailed instructions here:
Kingdom Building Program Submission Instructions

A detailed proposal template is provided to help you include the necessary information that is required to have a successful proposal. Here is a copy of the grant proposal template to reference. Kingdom Building Program Grant Submission Template

Rating and Feedback Process

Once your proposal is posted, the Impact Initiative Team will review your proposal, and provide a rating for each essential element of the proposal, and meet with you to help you

prepare it for a community vote. Each item of the rating scale must have a rating of 3 or higher and a total score of 40 or higher to be considered for a vote by the community. Here is a copy of the Grant Rating Form for your reference. Grant Submission Rating Form

The project team can repost an updated proposal after making changes. Once posted the old submission is archived and a new conversation is started based on the new proposal. An updated rating form will be completed based on the new submission.

Community Vote

A project team can request a community vote once each of the following criteria are met:

  1. Acceptable scores on the grant proposal rating form.
  2. General signoff from DFK core team validating that they don’t believe the project/product would be in conflict with or negatively affect the DeFi Kingdoms game.
  3. The newest version of the proposal has been posted for a minimum of five days.
  4. An infographic to post on discord and the DFK grant webpage must be created before the vote begins. This allows community members to see the key points without having to read the entire proposal.

The vote will be open for one week and the proposal will be approved if it receives a ⅔ majority vote.

Followup and Support

Throughout the grant process the Impact Initiative Team will be checking in with you to offer support, verify milestones, and provide the funding. Set meetings will be scheduled, however you are always welcome to reach out for support or consultation. Our goal is to help you be successful from grant submission to completion.

Contact Information

Due to the fact that ⅓ of the grant funding comes from Harmony, we follow their protocol for KYC/AML and accounting purposes. Please click here for instructions on how to privately share you and your team’s information with us. Grant recipients are required to provide KYC information to engage in this program.