LE7EL Co-Marketing Application


LE7EL is building three things, initially focused on the GameFi/Metaverse vertical: 1) a protocol, 2) a dApp, 3) a NFT community

1) The protocol (LE7EL Build) consists of a suite of smart contracts that aims to empower Creators in GameFi to build better products, as well as facilitate the interoperability between products in the GameFi vertical. The smart contracts we’ve built already are;

  • Risk engine: Ready to use risk mechanics for your games, using VRF and arbitrary sources of randomness
  • Escrow: Transact securely using time or arbiter-based escrow smart contracts (75,000 USD grant from Aragon)
  • Community Record Service: Store all important access rules and metadata on-chain for your community, game or NFT project
  • NFT Builder: Customize ready-to-use advanced NFT smart contracts for your own needs.
  • Rewards engine: A smart contract that distributes a balance of tokens according to a Merkle root, usable by Games to manage & distribute Players rewards.

2) The dApp (LE7EL Play) can be best thought of as a Discord optimized for Web3 where Players, Guilds and Creators are able to collaborate and communicate with access to relevant tooling. It is now launched in closed beta with the following dApps: a) Decentralized messenger, b) Cross-chain EVM wallet, c) Discovery of communities & quests, d) Communities, e) Creator tooling (same tools as in “Build” just available in our own UI). Feel free to reach us for a live demo.

3) The NFT community (LE7EL Nation) is a community oriented around NFTs that allows members to govern and custody their own on-chain identity, assets and reputation while aligning with others on shared values and goals. For Players in LE7EL Play, the NFTs act both as an identity and a leveling system where quests performed either with us or Games/Metaverses grant you different kinds of rewards and benefits. As such, it’s analogous to a programmable identity & membership card usable across the Metaverse. For Creators & Guilds in LE7EL Play, The NFTs act as effective governance and ownership vehicles that could host any type of records and metadata for their Community or Virtual World. After the DAO handoff, LE7EL Nation members have the opportunity to get involved in governance with the L7L tokens they’ve earned from staking their NFTs.

Benefit to DFK:

  • Getting listed on LE7EL provides exposure to new Players that could discover DFK and learn how to play. In addition to curating the DFK community on LE7EL, we made several guide videos.
  • We have made a quest that rewards DFK players in L7L tokens proportional to their on-chain Player activity
  • This works as a base to get our partnership going, in the future there are no limits to what we could build together and what synergies we could achieve

Team Information

W3 - Co-founder
Core contributor at LE7EL; DAO tooling & communications platform w/official Aragon partnership & grant. Member of the due-diligence committee of Stacker Ventures.
Experienced with Web3 product design & management, whitepaper development, tokenomics, fundraising, strategy, negotiations.

Wenzel - Co-founder
Core contributor at LE7EL; DAO tooling & communications platform w/official Aragon partnership & grant. Member of the due-diligence committee of Stacker Ventures and the tech committee of Aragon Network DAO. Experienced with smart contract development, running validator nodes, DeFi and DAO tooling, primitives and governance.

In addition 5 other developers are working on LE7EL (Request CVs if necessary).

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

  • We list DFK in our Discovery and Communities app, letting new users learn about DFK and get direct access to the game
  • We list an unique DFK quest which lets Players play DFK and get rewarded in L7L for their on-chain activity, which creates demand for the NFTs, tokens and blockchain.


We’re all about helping Players succeed in this new vertical of Web3 in which we believe the key factors to success are connections, knowledge and tools - and we strive to provide all those in symbiotic partnerships with the top Web3 games.

How and Where

We’d like to co-write a Medium post highlighting the nature of the partnership, which is then posted in relevant social media, which then boosts engagement for both of our products.

Smart Contracts

All our smart contracts can be found here:

Our Escrow contract has been audited by Coinspect.

Project links and uploads

Examples of guides we made for DFK:

Curated DFK community with quests on LE7EL

Hello LE7EL,
Please check your email for a meeting request.

Thank you for the great meeting today. I feel I have a much better understanding of what you are doing to onboard people into blockchain gaming.

If you would like to get a jump on things while the committee is processing your application feel free to provide KYC and information for the in-game NPCs. Here are the instructions that have been added the START HERE thread:

Contact Information

When collaborating with us we require your identity information for KYC/AML and accounting purposes. Please click here for instructions on how to privately share you and your team’s information with us. You are required to provide KYC information to engage in this program.

Co-marketing materials guidelines for Jester and Archivist

Once approved for co-marketing you can use this guide to provide the materials needed for getting listed in game under the Jester for games, and Archivist for other tools and partners.