Escrow service Co-Marketing application

Hi there!

We are from the Knights & Peasants team and we have recently launched an NFT escrow service, which we think might benefit/ be of help to the DFK community.

Here is our co-marketing application :slight_smile: !

We have made an NFT Escrow service facilitating safe trading of HRC-721 and HRC-1155 tokens on the Harmony network. This means that any NFT’s DefiKingdoms has in its ecosystem can be traded in a trustless and safe way. People look for trades all the time via various social channels and the risk of a bad actor is present. Our Escrow service removes this risk.

Team Information
Our team consists of 3 core members: DarthKnight, Shantastic and Hopeslicer. Each team member has brought separate sets of skills allowing us to accumulate a wide range of talent between a small number of people. This includes designing, community management, general crypto knowledge, smart contract development, frontend development, API development and subgraph design and management.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
The interaction with the DFK game and its NFTs would be as described above - a service that provides safe and trustless trading of its NFTs.

We think our product aligns with the vision and values of DFK and Kingdom Studios.

How and Where
We think a link in the ingame menu, as well as promotion in the DFK Discord ( buyers and sellers often come together via Discord channels) would yield the best results. The result being - raising awareness to an escrow service that could help facilitate safe trading of NFTs.

Smart Contracts
Yes the Escrow service uses smart contracts, they have not been audited.

Project links and uploads
Direct link to our Escrow service: Knights & Peasants
Link to our docs: Escrow - Knights & Peasants

Hello Darthknight,
Thank you for your application. You are in our cue to be reviewed. Just curious, do you have any information about your use thus far?

Hello Darthknight,
I would like to set a meeting to followup with you to understand more about what you are doing. We also have some questions about what your vision is for possibly building on DFK chain. We are focusing our efforts for building there. Please email me at with some times that would work for you this week. Thanks!