Lila's Ledger (DFK Tax Report) - Co-Marketing Application

Lila’s Ledger is a web based application that allows a user of DFK to enter their wallet address and generate a report of their transaction history that can be used to help them to prepare their taxes. The report includes all game related transactions across the DFK realms and allows you to view a simple tax report, detailed transactions, or export to CSV for importing to other tax software.

Team Information
MellowGreenGiant - I am a software developer of over 20 years that has worked in various areas of focus and have been developer and operator of another game community web application for the last 10 years. Development of Lila’s Ledger was my first project in the web3 space and facilitated my learning of how to code interactions with a blockchain.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
The tool interacts with the related blockchain explorer APIs, and the blockchains directly to determine all of the activity for the requested address using read only operations. It was also recently updated to interact with the Covalent API which has now started indexing DFKChain. When a user generates a report for the first time, it does a lot of interaction with the blockchain to read all of their transactions, but the relevant information is then saved on the site so that when the user returns to generate a report again, only the new transactions need to be looked up on the blockchain.

The extent of the DFK assets used in this tool are some art/graphics from the game are used to assist in visual aspects on the site. Just as the space that DFK is exploring is iterative and experimental, so is the area of crypto tax liability evolving and unclear. Lila’s Ledger will aspire to remain flexible and adapt as the space evolves. Requirements in different locales are different and constantly changing and I plan to evolve and change course as needed while making it clear to people that it’s up to them to apply the information provided as best they can under the rules they have.

How and Where
I would propose that the Lila’s Ledger DFK Tax Report Tool be listed under the Archivist list of tools found in the castle. I’m open to suggestions as to how the title should show up. I came up with Lila’s Ledger as a fun name to add some character, but titling it as “DFK Tax Report” or something similar might be clearer for people that we’re around back in the day when it started.

Smart Contracts
No smart contracts are part of this tool.

Project links and uploads
Live Site
Source Code

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Hello @MellowGreenGiant
I would like to touch base with you to move this co-marketing application forward. Can you email me at or accept my friend request on Discord so we can set a meeting? Also, to get you started here are some instructions of next steps: Information needed to include product in DFK game (Jester for games and Archivist for services) - Google Docs