Live action DFK short film based on the Lore


Hi, I am a filmmaker and a fan of the DFK universe.

DFK has a unique and ambitious lore/backstory attached to the defi-tainment game. I strongly believe that motion pictures are the best form of presenting stories and representing projects. For this reason I would apply for GRANT to make a 8-10 minutes live action motion picture short film based on the DFK Lore and the gameplay. This short film will be presented on the DFK’s Youtube channel and on different social media platforms.

Logline: When brutally injured in a fight defending Gaia’s Tear, the first Knight of Adelynian must battle himself, finding answers to who he is. He meets a Boy and they become friends. They journey through a crumbling Kingdom in the midst of rebellion. But the Boy has a secret, one that may change the fate of both their lives and the Kingdom’s forever.

The story world will be placed in the realm of Serendale. All costume, props will match the game. (Synopsis attached)

Grant Rationale

Branding, New users, SM visibility, Trust

Adding extra value to the DFK projects.
Advantage ahead of the competitors.
Connecting old/new players emotionally to the project.
More people join to the community.
Recruiting new players/DFK users and not just from the crypto space.
Build trust to the DFK projects.
Engaging players/users.

Grant Amount
50K USD. See detailed budget in attached proposal.

Team Information
I am Peter. Writer, editor, director. Based in Budapest and London. Telling stories is my passion whether it is a comedy, art house drama or a sci-fi series. I have a well known production company and a VFX House attached to the project.

Requests from DFK Team
I need constant consultancy with the DFK Lore team to write the story thats fit. I will need creative feedback and discussions to improve the story and the characters. Every detail should fit into the DFK word. I want to serve the community not just to realise my dream.

As we go pre-production a few designs, graphical elements, inputs would be nice to have from you to maintain the overall coherent of the story word.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
This short film tells an emotionally and visually striking story. It is a magical experience for the audience. I strongly believe that if well marketed the short film can reach one hundred thousand online viewers.

8-10 minutes fiction film.

Payment Schedule
10% upon finished script
30% for pre-production
30% for shooting
30% for post-production

Timeline with Milestones
Script writing 3 weeks
Pre-production 6 weeks
Shooting 6 days
Post-production 8 weeks

Long Term Plan
It’s a movie, so I believe that with good marketing the short film can reach one hundred thousand viewers.

The short film can be a stand alone commercial too.

We can submit the film to various film festivals and try to get short listed at the Oscars.

External Links
Teaser: dfk teaser on Vimeo

Full Grant Proposal: dfk_grant_pp.pdf - Google Drive

File Uploads

(Art, mockups, charts, etc.)

I think this is going to be so fun! Sunbear and I are working on a proposal rating for you, then we will schedule a consultation with you to talk about the steps.

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