Live action lore short film

Hi, I am a filmmaker and a fan of the DFK universe.

DFK has a unique and ambitious lore/backstory attached to the defi-tainment game. I strongly believe that motion picture is the best form of presenting stories and representing projects. For this reason I will proposing to make a 8-10 minutes live action motion picture short film based on the DFK Lore and the gameplay. This short film will be presented on the DFK’s Youtube channel and on different social media platforms.

Logline: When brutally injured in a fight defending Gaia’s Tear, the first Knight of Adelynian must battle himself, finding answers to who he is. He meets a Boy and they become friends. They journey through a crumbling Kingdom in the midst of rebellion. But the Boy has a secret, one that may change the fate of both their lives and the Kingdom’s forever.

The story world will be placed in the realm of Serendale. All costume, prop will match the game.

Just put together a short teaser for you:

Guys, I want to hear your feedbacks!



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