Photography & Marketing Services - Co-Marketing Application

Providing professional photography services that include high quality images to utilize on the Defi Kingdoms website, for social media marketing, or in advertisements. Able to provide suggestions or tips to improve social media marketing strategies for efficient use of resources and stay within the company budget.

Team Information
Photographer based in California with over 15+ years of experience providing a wide variety of services including: weddings, portraits, automotive, real estate, events, products, landscape and more. Working in a variety of fields has allowed me to easily adapt to any situation in order to meet the needs of any client. Understanding the needs of the client has also allowed me to gain additional skills such as creative marketing strategies to enhance the experience of the consumers and identify areas of improvement within the business to increase organic growth of the brand as well as increase sales.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Services provided will be more so towards Defi Kingdom’s physical products, promoting Defi Kingdoms Studios and services provided to the Defi Kingdoms community. There can however be promotional links within the Defi Kingdoms game that will send a user to any ongoing promotional events or giveaways.

As an active contributing member to the DFK community since January of 2022, I’m well versed in all aspects of the game, needs of the community and also the business needs of the company. Knowing what’s popular within the community can also provide future product designs and marketing tactics. We can also target pain points other community members have identified and improve upon by educating users, creating walkthroughs, guides or promoting existing or future tools built by community devs that could enhance their experience playing the Defi Kingdoms game.

How and Where
Working closely with the marketing team we can establish:

What products need high quality images and the time frame the images need to be delivered by.
(including editing time, pre/post editing changes before images are finalized and how they are delivered)

Discussing budget and pricing for the services used.
(includes additional payment if props or a model for the product is needed).

Personal address where I am able to receive packages.
(also include a paid return label inside the package to send it back)(Could also hold items to use for giveaways if the team decides and just need to provide the paid shipping label for the winner and I can send the product from p.o. box)

Photographing the products in the desired setting agreed upon.
(Lifestyle or studio setting)

Can also assist in providing creative marketing strategies to promote the new products.
(if products received have yet to be announced)

An affiliate link when any user applies the discount code “MikeEezyyy” for 10% discount(open for discussion) on select items(or all) at checkout on the Defi Kingdoms Merch site.

(Could also offer any current or future promoters if they would like to have an affiliate link to offer their community and/or keep track of where sales are coming from if desired)

Smart Contracts
We do not interact in any way with the smart contracts.

Project links and uploads
Link to sample images of my work


seems like a no brainer to me to hire this outstanding citizen


That’s a lot of experience – would be awesome to get someone like this onto the DFK board! I’ve worked with Mike before, great, reliable guy!

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Hello MikeEezyyy,
Given that your submission does not meet the criteria for a co-marketing opportunity, but more is an offer to utilize your services, I have forwarded your submission to our marketing team for consideration. If you would like to forward me your contact information at I would be happy to forward that as well. Thanks!