RBL Co-Marketing Application - The Beginning

Rome Terminal is a DIY DeFi Dashboard by Rome Blockchain Labs. Network agnostic, traders are able to use vetted, legitimate, natively-built dApps alongside live transactional charts and tables. Free to use and fully secure, Rome Terminal aims to lower FUD for new traders while allowing for advanced traders to experience ultimate functionality.

Trading, investment, and analysis can all be accomplished from one fully personalizable terminal interface. Designed with intuitiveness in mind, Rome Terminal lets users access a commercial-grade data infrastructure for absolutely no cost.

We believe Rome Terminal is able to break down the barrier of extensive, complex DYOR for new traders to get started while also providing a dashboard with extensive tools for complex traders. Rome Terminal exists for the user. We do not collect data, share information, or sell anything to the end user on Rome Terminal.

Team Information
The team at Rome Blockchain Labs is now over 25 people. Founders JD Gagnon, Alexander Szul, and Hannu Kuusi met via DeFi activity and decided to form a team. After creating Velox, the non-custodial limit-order algorithmic trading bot, their collaborative relationship grew to founding both Rome Blockchain Labs and BENQI. A focus on creating legitimacy and evening the financial field worldwide drew this group together.

[Rome Blockchain Labs] is bringing humanity to the digital world of blockchain. We at Rome Blockchain Labs (RBL) believe in Decentralized Finance and a highly personal, integrous, abundant world on the blockchain. Understanding that opportunities are unlimited, Rome Blockchain Labs revolutionizes not only finance but disrupts the future of work, and the future of the digital world. RBL features an extensive DeFi product suite including Rom terminal.11

Check out our website (below) to see the extensive team, featuring both absolute degens and newbs to the DeFi space.

As a co-marketing application, in addition to the founders, DFK can expect to have direct contact with:

Director of Marketing and Comms - 1 year experience in DeFi, 5 in blockchain, and 15 in marketing

Enrique - Content and PR Specialist - 5 years in content production, famous on LATAM TikTok, 2 years in FinTech

Ryan - Velocity Graphic Designer - 2 years in crypto, diverse international experience in design and production

Mark - Head Developer - absolute degen, 15 years developing

Matheus - Product Owner - new to blockchain!

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
The Rome Terminal team has integrated charts and tables pertinent to DFK on our dashboard. Every token pair related to DFK is available for observation and analysis. An example of what you can see is in the screencap below.

Traders may choose to: conduct Technical Analysis on token pairs they are trading (or wish to trade); share chart information on their favourite token pairs; explore token pairs not yet considered; and think about DFK beyond the in-game experience. Traders have the ability to access charts and tables on-the-go to ensure their in-game investments are doing well.

Traders do not need to make an account nor connect their wallets to access this information. It is totally free. Technical Analysis can be saved via cookies and a save button if selected.

Traders may also choose to connect their wallet and populate their dashboard with their favourite DEXs. This means they may offramp their DFK tokens OR may find more creative ways to invest and move money towards DFK. Rome Terminal gives the ultimate flexibility in this way, including remaining chain agnostic. A visual representation is available but could not be attached.

Like DFK, RBL believes that DeFi, blockchain, and Web3 technology in general can move past the hype of a monetary token. Usability, community, fun, wellness, and recognition are all special interests of Rome Terminal.
We believe meaning is more important than money and we hope to provide individuals with a sense of belonging on the blockchain.

While we both have created an interesting system to make DeFi more usable and interesting, we also are approaching the overall ecosystem with similar attitudes and values.

How and Where
To start, RBL would like to find some great co-marketing opportunities with DFK and Rome Terminal. Long-term, we would like to see how other products and projects may be able to benefit one another.

  1. Rome Terminal widget
    We would like to natively build a trading widget (acting as a UV2 DEX) for DFK directly into the Rome Terminal. With input from your community, we would love to build a more custimised widget featuring in-game information that people may need to access when out of game or making more extensive trading decisions. Examples may include rewards or achievements!

  2. Rome Terminal charts and tables within the DFK page and game
    The charts and tables available as seen within Rome Terminal can be featured in useful places throughout DFK.
    We prefer the idea of more native options, with a few lines of transactional data or chart snippets to be available at decision points within the game. If possible, these could also live as a place in-game, a digital-physical “Terminal” where players can access the widget and charts/tables if there is a value-add to this. A major option could include built-in charts and tables on the DFK website to replace the redirect to Dexscreener (if appropriate and desired).

  3. Community Engagement
    RBL would like to work very closely with your community to determine critical touchpoints, value-adds, and more. User discovery, for example, would be fantastic to co-operate on and results can be shared with both teams.

  4. RBL’s Marketing Team
    RBL would like to offer their marketing team to work with yours for regular content engagements. A video conversation series on innovation, wellness, and belonging in DeFi, hosting you on our podcast Blocksplain, and generally pushing content is all things we are absolutely willing to support.
    Some other marketing reciprocities are also open for exploration, from backlinking to shared paid spots in ads or at events.

  5. A Forever Partnership
    Not just for now, RBL would like to work with DFK long-term. As we continue to explore concepts of recognition and belonging within the blockchain ecosystem, we would like to offer our initial activations (whether NFTs or simply AMAs!) to the DFK community.
    While the widget integration and maintenance within Rome Terminal often costs our partners ~$100k annually (including marketing, promo, and tech support), we believe that reciprocation and collaboration are most important. We would like to find ground where both RBL and DFK are able to significantly benefit from this partnership long-term.

Smart Contracts

Project links and uploads
Please do visit our website(s) and the Rome Terminal product app.

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