Revamp Filtering System

There’s a number of issues with the current filtering system:

  1. Single-level filtering does not really help all that much for many complex situations
  2. Any multi-level filters are not apparent to the user (or are not useful for many situations where they are being applied).
  3. Many filtering options that don’t exist which would be useful.
  4. Some bugs around filtering being saved across different views/uses of hero lists

For example:
When I’d like to select a hero for a quest, I have to scroll through 20-30 for sale heroes to get to them because the multi-level filtering is something like 1. Matching profession 2. Stamina desc. In this case, putting all for sale heroes at the bottom makes a lot more sense because for sale heroes could never be chosen to quest anyway.

This problem could also be solved by introducing a “Not for sale” filter, which I think is typically more useful than the currently implemented “For Sale” filter. Because, when you want to know what heroes you have for sale, I imagine it’s to no longer list them or to change the price… both of these are easily accomplished using the “Sell Heroes” option in the tavern.

Other filtering issues:

  • There’s no way to apply multiple sorting (yourself)

  • Sorting seems to be saved or not saved somewhat unpredictably. For example, even though I didn’t apply a sort at all, I often times have to click the Reset button to get heroes to sort the way they do by default for selection in quests, and in meditation circle… this seems to be a CV bug (particularly the meditation circle where the only eligible hero is 100 heroes down sometimes).

  • Some filters are invisible… for example in Serendale (CV works some of the time) the Meditation Circle selection of hero properly pops any eligible heroes all the way to the front… but the only filter shown is “total XP”. When, really it’s something like: % of current level desc.

Additional Useful Filters:

  • Basic, Advanced, Elite, (Possibly for completeness) Exalted - would save a lot of time, particularly selecting all Advanced classes is really a lot of extra clicks

  • Pre-saved filters (I and likely everyone else uses the same filters over and over again, having a way to save filters whether in profile, or even in cookies, would be extremely useful)

  • Order by stat seems very useful for Training Quests and even for the Tavern (Buying for example)… whereas stat above a certain number (one of the earliest filters), is kind of hard to know/specify unless you already know exactly the number you’re looking for.
    (Order by stat may have been one of those invisible orderings that worked on Serendale but is definitely not working properly in CV and necessitates you searching all of your heroes to find the ones for Training Quests).

  • Order by profession skill level… would be more useful than a static filter number for things like Training Quests… but once level 10 Profession quests are introduced I could see a lot of people searching for Tavern heroes that have > 10 in a profession.

To me, the biggest bang for your buck improvements/QOL for players would be to push for sale heroes to the bottom for things like quest hero selection, and to fix whatever bug forces players to repeatedly reset any hidden filters that remove any useful default filtering. The third biggest improvement would be sorting heroes by the stat used for the current Training Quest in the hero selection screen (for example “Log Rolling” would sort by Agility desc).