Tavern Tale's: Ultra's Collection of Odd Pets and Hero's

What’s Up Guys n Gals!!!

My name’s UltraGreenGo but you can call me Ultra. I am Oddly enough, submitting an Application for Co-Marketing with DefiKingdoms Artist program for “Tavern Tales”.

Where does my Synergy come from for DFK?
My Web 3.0 journey started with DefiKingdoms back around Dec. of 2021. It wasn’t until a few months later, that I learned about discord and joined the DFK Channel.

The DefiKingdom’s Community is the main reason why today I’m a DFK artist at heart. It was Mythic Squad who gave me my first ever Livestream experience and I was instantly ‘Hooked’ like “Merman Tom’s Bloater.”

Tavern Tales YouTube channel was started with the intent to cover a range of topics and DFK Lore. I chose Tavern Tales name so that the Tavern would be a starting place for all my video content. The Odd Pet’s and Fantasy DFK Story-Lore has been the two pillar’s that I have personally enjoyed making the most as a content creator. Collecting many Odd and Ultra Odd pets, has resulted in me owning multiple ‘Completed Sets’ of Odd Variants; including 13/14 of current Ultra odd Pets. If you were to follow me on X, you would see that regularly, my posts are heavy on DFK Lore/Stories about my Hero’s, odd pets and other in-game assets. My content of DFK Lore on X, is what propelled me into creating Tavern Tales video content.

What I do in game, gives me the ability to create short stories in written form using In-game Hero names, items, hero NPC’s, ect. My written Lore entertainment is pretty time consuming. As a father of 3, all under 5yrs plus running my own landscape business alongside my wife, it can get tiring irl. My time has become more limited as to ‘what & when’ I can create; whether it’s written or streaming.

As DefiKingdoms continues to develop and become more of a completed
DefiGame, so too would my content. Tavern Tales will eventually have uploaded videos of “Voice-Over” Lore stories during my “Travels” through DFK end game content. Through dungeons and raids and all sorts of events that we might encounter plus any and all future mythic squad guild run’s as well. Atm, Tavern Tales is still relatively new compared to other DFK content creators but I feel that my channel brings another approach to DFK content. Item Collecting, Hunts, Dark Summoning, Tavern Shenanigans will all be part of my content.

My team consist of Mythic Squad, whom help in a variety of ways behind the scenes. It is true, that I am mainly the solo ‘Hero Commander’ on Tavern Tales but there’s always room at the Tavern tables for more ‘Regular’ faces to come on… cough alpha

I want to thank everyone for having taken the time to have read through my Application thus far. If you would spare me a few more moments of your time, I compiled a few of my favorite image’s/customization’s and ‘lore-bits’ all DFK related…

Find me on socials:
x- @UltraGreenGo
YT- @TavernTalesDFKTavern Tales: The First Epic

Please check out this Google Docs to see some of my Fine DFK Artwork.
I have been known to dabble in the sacred arts of ‘Paint’ and I customize to my Odd Liking: Ultra’s Fine DFK Arts - Google Doc

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Loving the content. Please keep it up!

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