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The Brown Gent is a content creator who has been heavily focused on DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) since December 2021. While many of the channel’s videos are geared toward project news and updates, many strategic concepts are also regularly discussed to help the viewer expand their awareness of the ecosystem.

Transparency is of utmost importance, and the channel is proud to demonstrate that first hand by sharing examples of all discussed concepts in practice. One such example, was a series of YouTube shorts where the viewer witnessed 20 back-to-back Gen 0 summons. This provided a point of view experience to demonstrate the profitability of summoning with such a hero firsthand.

While all YouTube content should be considered entertainment and not financial advice, the channel has steadily amassed a large community following through collaborations with other DFK content creators and 3rd party developers.

We even host regular weekly livestreams, provide giveaways and offer free coaching support in order to continue forging strong community bonds. Community building is a key focus for the channel, and we are constantly innovating ways to accomplish this. We also maintain a discord server where newer players are able to consult with their more experienced peers for guidance and additional support.

TheBrownGent YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@thebrowngent
SpadesInvesting Discord: Spades Investing


The Brown Gent is a talented and dedicated content creator for Defi Kingdoms. His videos are consistently of high quality, featuring professional edits and well-written scripts. His methodical approach to playing the game has provided valuable insights and inspired me to look at the project from a different perspective. I am excited to see him continue to be active in the game and produce more engaging content for the community!


Oh yea! Without question!! Got to add The Brown Gent!!:fire::fire::fire::pray::pray::pray::pray:


The Brown Gent - the methodical, shrewd, deep startegy thinker from the North! This gentleman creates top notch quality content and his dedication and passion towards this project and the community is undeniable.

This man is one of the original social media OG’s that spread the good word and the alpha about DFK!


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Hi MrZipper,

I haven’t created an introduction video yet, but I have one slated for when I get home from abroad. In the meantime, I’d recommend this video below as an example of the content on the channel:



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Thanks so much! Great video, and there’s no problem switching to a different one later. We’ll be in touch soon!

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