Achievements & Incentives

Hi All. I think it would be a good idea to implement some kind of achievement register. Similar to achievements on console games, like first quest completed, first egg found. All items discovered etc. Bronze to gold badges and all that. If you look at all the really successful games they have some way to track and reward progress from a global perspective. Rather than just questing for the roi it delivers, you could be contributing to an achievement badge you want.

Also, i think a really good idea would be to set up an NFT booklet. Similar to a sports sticker book where you collect all your favourite team players etc. Think of this: you start out with the first booklet, which has the professions in it. Once you have 1 of each hero for each profession (4), the booklet is complete. That unlocks the next booklet, which could be class. There are 8 basic classes, 4 advanced, 2 elite and 1 exhaulted. (You may never complete this booklet, but could try!). After getting all the basic classes, the third booket is unlocked. This one could be rarity booklet. Once the booklets fill out, they could expand to include element and/or location. So you need one of every class in every rarity in every element in every profession to get a full set, but upcked gradually so you allways have a yarget you can aim for and realistically hit, but the end goal would be miles away.

This would give added incentive to play the game and purchase and use nfts. Right now, you have a decision of putting your money into an nft and mindlessly putting them through quests with the only reward is hoping for an egg and the odd level up or just putting it in the gardens. With a complex and rewarding achievement register it would incentivise people to buy nfts a fill out their collection.

Right now people just cling on to their mythic or gen 0 like its job done. We need a way to incentivise the purchase of nfts, even if you allready a few great ones…

Sorry for the long post…


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Nice idea, features/quests can be made to obtain certain badges. During some periods you can gain additional odds based on badges (e.g. Last Easter with boosted egg rates).

Potentially a lack of badge can also be utlitized to provide some utility. This could lead to feature for beginning players (e.g. drop rate of eggs increase by 0.01% by every 100 STA spent, till first egg is found, afterwards badge 1st EGG found is unlocked and drop rate normalizes).

In game badges could lead to more flexibility for DEVs to bring utility to a certain group of players. I think it would be beneficial to implement this in the game.

I have a similar Idea I want to add I wanted to name something Like a Journal for Progress Tracking and Progression. Still in early concept stages.