Update on status of Builders Program Please

Hey @pianoman, @SunBear,

can we please get an update on the status and state of the Builders Program? We haven’t heard from you for many weeks, proposals submitted on early June have not even been reviewed yet by DFK Team.

Can you please let us know:

  1. What is the current status of the builders program?
  2. When will you resume processing proposals?
  3. Will there be a Builders Program process redesign?
  4. If there will be a redesign, what is your timeline of rolling it out? And have any of the feedback points we provided been incorporated in that redesign?

We understand and respect the tough situation we’ve all find ourselves in. We, literally, are all in this together, we’ve all lost funds from the Harmony hack.

That’s why we understand why there has been no proposal processed for over a month now.

Builders and the community alike have stopped interacting with this forum for over 2 weeks now.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 new posts by @pianoman today, expanding the builders program with three new categories:

Does this mean that processing of proposals will be resumed? Is there a shift of priorities?

Please don’t keep us in the dark as rumours rampage, sentiment drops and spirits tank.


Updates to the program are coming today. This site will be updated and information will be shared in the AMA at 7pm Eastern.

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@SunBear thank you for the update.

I tried to update my proposal that does not require funding and just noticed that it has been locked and I or anyone else is not able to reply.

Can you please unlock the Difky proposal so I can add an addendum and update on progress?

It does not make sense for me to create a duplicate proposal. Anything that’s needed in the new template without funding is included in the Difky proposal I linked above, so I just want to re-active it.

Thank you

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Also kindly unlock the Degen Heroes Guild Proposal as well, as it too is a proposal that does not require funding.

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We are actually wanting all proposals that do not require funding to funnel into the single category to separate them from the grant categories and prevent confusion. The grant posts will be locked but still accessible and linkable but not live. I suggest posting your proposal in the new category for non-funded proposals and link the original submission in the posting. Please let me know if you have questions or if I can assist you. Thank you!

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