Degen Heroes Grant Proposal


“Degen Heroes” is a resourceful and large guild in DeFi Kingdoms, if not one of the biggest guilds (combined hero count exceeds 5,000 6,000).

After hearing the DFK team repeatedly stating the very important role that guilds will play in the game, we decided to frontrun the news and create our own guild.

Degen Heroes was created on November of 2021 from a group of friends coming from the Ethereum network.

This guild has a very clear mission statement, which is the very foundation of the entire guild:

Our mission is to further our knowledge and understanding of DeFi Kingdoms, while we enjoy playing it with good company.

We are a guild mostly comprising of technocratic members, software engineers, analysts and deep geeks, with a few exceptions. As a guild, we only accept new members to join, based on an invitation after we discuss the new candidacy collectively.

However, while we are more than willing to discuss some of our internal guild workings with the DFK team, we also have a very large public space on our discord for all players of DFK.

This public space is the driving factor for why we wrote this proposal.

Degen Heroes Achievements

Ever since before we became a guild, our engineers and analysts where hard at work extracting alpha from the DFK Team’s announcements, the AMAs and the code deployed on the blockchain. We were one of the first community members to create all sorts of tools, alpha and services. We’ll provide a few of the more prominent examples here:

  • By analyzing on-chain data of past hero summons, we were able to produce the first Summoning chances calculator (matchbot) back in October.
  • We were the first to create discord feeds on new summons, hero auction listings, sales and rents.
  • We decoded the stat and visual genes of heroes back in October and furthered our knowledge and understanding of heroes’ genetics.
  • We were the first to decode and publicly share the recessive genes hidden deep in the stat genes.
  • We were the first to discover locked jewel could be transfered.
  • We produced the first elite visual gene backgrounds on heroes (orbs and aura) as well as the exalted visual gene, the infamous tentacles. We produced the first 8 tentacled heroes.
  • We stood our ground against the coordinated FUD campaign on May, by exposing and confronting the offenders, a very well known player and a specific guild.

These are but a few of our achievements, which hopefully illustrate our passion, engagement and love for the game. Every breakthrough and discovery we make, we eventually release to the public, and the cycle of finding, exploring, and sharing new knowledge completes (as is in line with our mission statement).

Degen Heroes Public Contributions

Today, we offer a huge variety of services, tools and content to the DFK community. Aside from all of the above examples (which are now publicly shared and available on our discord server) we:

  • Produce content and entertainment by organizing massive live summoning events.
  • Offer a more sensible and calm place to do in-depth discussions on all sorts of DFK related topics, with people who are deeply knowledgable with the game, both due to their scale of assets or analysis skills.
  • Beta test next-level tooling such as the Hero Floor Price calculator.
  • While our public members get the inside scoop on advanced services and betas first, we eventually release all of them to the wider public.
  • Create, organize and support collaborations, projects, initiatives and all sorts of activities that work towards the betternment of the DFK Ecosystem.

Degen Heroes Spun Off Products

And finally, the most successful of our tools and services, get spun off as stand-alone products, further reinforcing our commitment to DFK and contributions to the ecosystem.

One of the latest products we released and are very proud about is DFKSolver. A very elaborate and complicated calculator that will find the most profitable pair for your heroes to summon with. Read more about it in this Grant Proposal.

Ready to Support DFK Network

We stand ready to support the DFK Network by creating, maintaining and staking a Validator on the network. We have submitted our application and awaiting a response.

Grant Rationale

We ask that guilds in general, not just our own, are not pushed to the edges of the community and stigmatized by DFK Moderators and DFK Team Members.

There is nothing malicious or nefarious going on with Degen Heroes or any of the other 10 or so guilds that, to our knowledge, exist.

We want to be able to host events (e.g., summoning parties) on our discord server and invite the DFK Community to join, without having our posts deleted, being warned, and risk getting banned from the official server.

It is discouraging behavior and treatment by DFK Moderators, especially considering most of them are already present in our discord server, have participated, and use our tools and services.

Degen Heroes and it’s members are here for the long-term, and we want to contribute and grow what is an amazing game, experience and community: DeFi Kingdoms.

Grant Amount

We ask for your love and appreciation.

Team Information

The DFK Players.

Requests from DFK Team

Please create a safe environment where all the players or group of players (i.e., guild) can equally enjoy the game.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain




Payment Schedule


Timeline with Milestones


Long Term Plan

Become an even more valuable contributor to the DFK ecosystem.

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Well said and awesome proposal. Am in agreement 100%. The guild talk but no action is disappointing from DFK

It’s part of a long running problem with the community with a lack of transparency and communication regarding many major topics. So many players really like playing this game and even want to build on top of it, but the team REALLY needs to step up their communication so the team and community can actually enhance each other instead of be at odds with each other.