Weapon NFTs Proposal -Bless Project 5.0

----- Now Making FREE Custom Weapon Concept NFT art for active DFK community members ----- Discord: Bless#9326

Official Grant Proposal for Project BLESS 5.0


The concept of this proposal is to add Weapon NFT’s to add Increased utility and player acquisition. This is intended to integrate directly onto the Defi Kingdoms platform. Utilizing the Pixel style already present within Defi Kingdoms. The Weapon NFT’s will add value to DFK by providing players with an opportunity to craft and or find these Weapons. This concept has the possibility to increase player influx into GameFi and DFK as an overall enhancement, and also will positively impact the following specific areas:

Creating Weapon NFTS for active Community Members via request to foster positive relations.

*Community Interaction

  • Interactive Gameplay (PvE)
  • Jewel Tokenomics
  • Item Utility
  • Item Value
  • Increased Player base
  • “Eyes-On” Time
  • Hero Utility
  • Choice Variety

In addition to these positive impacts, we also aim to add functionalities and features to pre-existing systems, as well as add our own unique systems or ideas, kept in line with Kingdom Studios goals and vision for Defi Kingdoms. Some of these systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Loot Distribution System Concepts
  • Jewel Burn Mechanics Concepts
  • Increased Hero Functionality
  • Increased Item Functionality
    *Enhance User Interface
    *Custom Armory Marketplace

The implementation of these additional features shall provide further depth for Defi Kingdom’s development phase in addition to providing the opportunity for an increased player base, an increase to the inflow of Jewel and improved Tokenomics. an interactive gaming mechanic system designed with the intentions to draw active & new wallets alike further in, an opportunity for existing players to expand and immerse themselves in quality gameplay as well as the lore that can be found throughout Defi Kingdoms, and improved token utility among many other things.

The DFK community has the potential to broaden this concept. We strongly believe this new content can create an even greater thriving ecosystem. We see this as a feasible and effective addition to the game plans that Kingdom Studios has in motion, and that it has the opportunity for future development and expansion.

Open to Community and Kingdom Studios Team Collaboration to move this proposal forward.

Team Information

Bless (Project Design Manager)

15+ years Team Management, Active-Duty Army Veteran, IT College Education, Art College Education. 25+ years in the Gaming Industry, Artist, Digital Design, Unique infrastructure design, Management and Facilitation of over $1,000,000 of Hard Assets without loss. Responsible for a community of over 100,000 personnel without incident.

Apex (Assistant Project Manager)

5+ years in Supervisory Positions, Financial and developing Financial Literacy, proficient problem solver and logistics personnel. 15+ years in Gaming Industry and Financial Markets and Industry.

Jin the Mage (Art & Animation Team Lead)

15+ years in Art & Animation, Advanced Diploma in Animation and Digital Production, Creation Software Proficiency, BA (Hons) in Educational Studies and Digital Technology

Sulcrit (Audio Production Tech)

20+ years as a Musician and Artist, 15+ years as a Musical Instructor and Digital Composer

Master of Coin (Marketing Advisor)

BSEE/MSEE Electrical Engineering, 12+ years of experience as a Scientist specializing in data analytics, marketing and sales, business operations and electromagnetic effects.

Kupo (Perfect Specimen)

It’s Kupo, nough said

Requests from DFK Team

We request continuous communications and on-going consultations with the Kingdom Studios Team to determine:

  • Vision for gameplay and the community.
  • Discussions with Tokenomics Team
  • Request for image assets and art platform specifics to increase project efficiency
  • Request about tools and languages for integration onto DFK Platform.

In general, we also are requesting interactions with and assistance from the team to seamlessly integrate this project onto the DFK Platform.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

We propose to interact with DFK through utilizing Weapon NFTs as Items to use through future DFK content; ie. Action RPG style instanced dungeons for example. Armory NPC to host the buying/selling and trading of Weapon NFTS; Linked with Stone carver and future NPCs for crafting Weapons. With the possibilities to have token burn mechanics for in-game enhancements and functionalities in conjunction with these NFTs.



  • Conceptual Art
  • Asset Art & Animation
    • Items & Equipment Assets [In Progress]
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Icons [In Progress]
    • Monster & Boss Animations [In Progress]
    • Item & Equipment Animations
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Animations


  • Action Sounds
    • Hero Sound Effects
    • Items & Equipment Sound Effects
    • Ability, Spell, & Skill Sound Effects
  • Environment Sounds
    • Ambience
    • Background Music

Timeline with Milestones

Estimated Timeframe for Project Completion: 12 weeks

  • Milestone 1 - 25 Unique Weapon NFT Concepts (Complete)

  • Milestone 2 - 50 Unique Weapon NFT Concepts (Complete) 7/13/22)

  • Milestone 3 - Kingdom Studio Build Direction
    Pending: Follow-up Meeting

  • Milestone 4 - Weapon Excel Statistic Rarity Breakdown (8/16/22)

  • Milestone 5 - 100 Unique Weapon NFT Concepts (9/9/22)

  • Milestone 6 - Finalize Weapon NFT Designs (9/20/22)

  • Milestone 7 - Integrate as in-game asset on DFK Chain (10/4/22)

Goals and Measures for Success

  • Increased User Base by an idealized 10%
  • Increase Ecosystem Value by an idealized 15%

Long Term Plan

We aim to continue working in the future on adding more Items and even dungeons with a variety of monsters and features whilst continuing to work alongside the Kingdom Studios Team to bring their vision to life. Alongside this, some additional features and enhancements we have in mind have been listed below in no specific priority:

  • Solo & Party Dungeon Content
  • Dungeon Mapping & Tracking System
  • Monster and Boss Mechanics
  • Map Customization
  • Active Playstyle Combat
  • Dungeon Requirements/Limitations
  • Combat & Spell Animations
  • Hardcore Mode (Hero Burn Mechanics)
  • Custom Audio
  • Journal Progression
  • Monster Creation & Statistic Production
  • MobDex (Enemy Bestiary)
  • Increased Item Functionality
  • Continuation of Mobdex
  • Additional Dungeon map to Level Cap
  • Further Implementation of Jewel Burning mechanics
  • DFK item implementation
  • NFT Hero Burning Mechanics
  • Item Burning Mechanics
  • Item Crafting and Resource Crafting
  • Skill Tree Development
  • Additional NFT Hero Passive abilities and active abilities
  • Multi level dungeons
  • Items Unique to Dungeons
  • Looting Mechanism
  • Additional Hero Animations for abilities
  • Additional Monster Animations for abilities
  • Traps, Gauntlets etc.
  • Dungeon Economy and Market Discussion
  • Fee Implementations and Discussions
  • PVE Campaign Discussions
  • Open World PvE / Wilderness Area
  • Wildlife Taming / Pets Continued
  • Additional Loot Mechanics
  • Fish Farms / Fertilizer (fish/plant burn) (New)
  • Raids Content / Guild Content
  • Weekly and Monthly Global Raids One Boss everyone is attacking for rewards
  • Resource Discussions and expansion
  • Additional Skill Crafting
  • Endless Dungeons
  • Tower of Ascensions
  • Additional Monster and Boss mechanics/Abilities
  • Guild Events
  • Additional Combat and Magic audio
  • Additional Combat and magic Animations
  • Additional Monster analysis and Statistics
  • Loot distribution/items/equipment Implementations
  • Continued Map Customizations and enhancements
  • Weather Modifications
  • Dungeon Requirements/Restrictions improvements
  • Quest Journal/Progress improvements

External Links

Link to Initial Proposal:

Weapon NFT Concept Art








Crafting Potential DFK Weapon NFTs on Request
Discord Bless#9326

Community Four Leaf Games Discord (Our Project Team Network)

Youtube for PR and Live Pixel crafting for Weapon NFTs





Thank you for your submission. I look forward to meeting with you later today to discuss with your team.


This is reall fire! :dizzy:









Video of NFT Weapon Art Concepts:

More DFK Related Content:



I love the idea of the items integrated in DFK and i hope you continue more and your proposal being accepted.






Background Concepts (First Pass)


Will post more Concept Art on Community Request



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Would Love to have a follow-up meeting when you are available next for further discussion on the build program and the proposals.



Also @SunBear when you get a chance can you please find out if future content is done in a certain color present/palette.

Everything I’ve seen has been on A64 is this true for all future content also? Thanks!

Example Below:



cool~ Thanks for your work for dfk

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Thankful for our recent meetings on Tokenomics and Future Game Content with Dreamer, Sunbear and Hubert.
Look forward to assisting Kingdom Studio and the Community Grow and Prosper. 8/3/22

Look forward to our Next Meeting!

Thank you for your time today Sunbear. 9/9/22
I will be seeking a Co-Marketing Application to assist with Viewer Acquisition and New Player Guides and Tutorials.

We are still interested in pursuing a working relationship with DFK.

We are more than willing to produce art and animation for the project.

Doing in-game enhancements such as the dungeon crawler PVE content in previous proposals is possible with gainful conversation and planning between our team and Kingdom Studios.




Four Leaf Games is a Proficient Team of Developers that excels in consistency, experienced in Vector Graphics, Architectural Design, Unity Spine/Spline/ Dope Sheet Animation Techniques, Pixel Art, Tokenomics. Front and Backend SW Engineers. Experience cumulative of well over 100 years of Game, Financial and Project Management.

Feel free to reach out to us here for collaboration.


Bless#9326 Discord ID

These are Absolutely amazing. Love the attention to detail. Keep up the great work!

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