Silver Adventures in Kingdoms World

Game Name: Silver Adventures in Kingdoms World (could be changed in future still not sure about it)


Silver Adventures in Kingdoms World is a free-to-play adventure RPG set within the Defi Kingdoms universe. Players embark on a quest to defend Serendale city from goblins, unlock new classes and skills, and earn valuable DFK assets through donations and in-game achievements.


  • Community Engagement: Promotes engagement by rewarding donations to a dedicated wallet with DFK assets airdrops based on achievements.
  • DFK Asset Growth: 70% of donated assets are redistributed back to the community, boosting in-game asset value and liquidity.
  • Play-to-Earn: Earning opportunities through donations, achievements, and in-game rewards.
  • Sustainability: 25% of the donations will supports the Crystal/Jewel LP and long-term Jewel stability, ensuring game sustainability.

Team Information:

AdrielTSilveira (developer/designer): Home-Amateur game development and passionate about blockchain gaming.

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain:

  • Integrates seamlessly with DFK, utilizing heroes, crystals, and other assets.
  • Airdrops and asset distribution occur on the DFK blockchain, ensuring transparency and security.


  • Aligns with DFK’s vision of community-driven growth and play-to-earn opportunities.
  • Promotes DFK asset usage and strengthens the Crystal/Jewel economy.

How and Where:

  • In-game integration: Feature airdrop announcements, achievement-based triggers, and donation options within the game UI.
  • Social Media: @AdrielTSilveira for joint promotions and airdrop announcements.
  • Community Channels: Engage with DFK’s community through Discord ( silveiracrypto) , Forums and X (twitter) .

Game is in Alpha test, looking for any community help with tester, music designers , art designers , web3 programmer for the contracts and social media experts !

Dropping a in game alpha Video and some development images

(all the graphics will possible changed in the future, I’m focusing on the development and not on the game art, not yet)

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Looks like a great initiative.
Anything that will increase time spent on the DFK platform, will go a long way in user
adoption and retention.

Happy to support it with donations etc.



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Looks cool! Looking forward to this.

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