Introducing Tavern Negotiations - "DFK Hero Market"

DFK Hero Market

General Introduction

“DFK Hero Market” is a Project that introduces users to a new enhanced version of the DFK Tavern, a proper “Hero Market” where users can find the best selection of heroes for their needs and Negotiate prices back and forth with each other, with a system that allows them to make an offer for a hero that is currently in sale, and message its owner.

The two main mechanism the project revolves around are:

-The Possibility to Make an Offer to the seller

Negotiating helps both the buyer and the seller find a compromising price, increasing the quantity of heroes sold and bought and the overall market turnover.
When sending a price offer, the seller would receive offer as a Private sale containing the Address of the buyer and the Price offered
If the seller accepts the private sale is launched, and its up to the buyer to then give the last confirmation needed effectively buying the hero.

It would make the overall process of Buying and Selling heroes faster and more efficient thanks to the prices being bargained out between buyers and sellers.

-A messaging system between users of the Dapp

Users would be able to message each other once they connect their wallet to the Dapp.
How many times you saw an interesting hero in the Tavern, but you had no way to contact the owner?
Thanks to “DFK Hero Market” you could be able to see if a user connected his wallet on the Dapp (If he used atleast once the Dapp, connecting the wallet would be kind of like Logging In) and you will be able to send him a message, explaining why you want to buy that particular hero and what price you are willing to pay for it.
(This could be later expanded creating Guilds group chats and other functionalities)

This project has a huge margin of growth, since additionals features can be added in future to bring even more useful services to the DFK Community.

It could be easily implemented as an External Dapp, where users interested in the functionalities could connect their wallet and start negotiating, OR it could be implemented directly into the DFK website (this would need a lot of interactions with the current DFK team and its up to them and the community to decide if they are interested enough in this.

Grant Amount

The ideal Grant amount would be of 50K USD as “DFK Hero Tavern” is a project that highly synergize with DFK and its community, and it would give the team enough budget to fairly remunerate all the talent that will be coinvolted in the project. However I can see also lower grant amounts making sense and it’s something that i would discuss with Kingdom Studios without problems.

Grant Rationale
The grant would be mainly used to:

  • Bring more professional expertise to the team
  • Cover marketing and other production costs


A system that creates User profiles based on their connected wallet (very similar to what DFK does)

An actual enhanced version of the Tavern where offers can be sent from User to User

A search system for Users, and a User Profile interface, where can be seen all the heroes that each user is currently selling

A messaging system between users that integrates sent offers.

Timeline with Milestones

Hopefully users will be able to use the full functionalities of the project by Q4 2022.

Team Information

  • Hi i am Edoardo, a Graduate in Production Engineering and a Business Bachelor
    I have always been interested in various subjects such as Programming (Data Analysis and Feeding AI Algorithms), Finance and Business, and two years ago i discovered the Defi space, where all three of those were merged into something of unparalleled;
    So of course I threw myself into it.
    Willing to dox if needed

  • Cescooh, Rank #2 User of the DefiKingdom Discord, would help with Community Relations.

We are currently looking for talent to build the team

If you are a developer with frontend, ethers.js and solidity skills or you are simply very interested in the project and would like to take part of it you can message me on discord at: Edoardo#3251

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