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Tradescrow, trade digital assets fearlessly

Tradescrow was born out of the crypto gaming community, where we face the challenge of finding a reliable and trustless way to trade assets with fellow gamers. Determined to create a solution that prioritizes security and user control, we set out on a journey to build a platform that embodies the true spirit of decentralization.

Trade your Heroes, Pets, Items, or any ERC-20 token ($JEWEL, $CRYSTAL, etc) with anyone, anywhere, instantly and trustlessly using a verified smart-contract. If you have a digital asset in DFK, you can trade it or any number of assets in the most secure permissionless way possible using the simple user interface to choose the asset you want to trade for and approving which assets you will be trading. The other person reviews the trade proposal and either accepts it and approves their assets to be included in the trade or rejects the trade and the assets go back to the originator. No third parties, no chance for lost or stolen assets.

Team Information
Dirty Cajun Rice - lead dev and DFK advocate, see DFK Discord
Kristian Peter - DFK Community Member and content creator
Waffle - UI / UX developer

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain
Solidity smart contract on DFK Chain

Trustless and Permissionless trading of Heroes, Pets, and Items for the entire DFK Community

How and Where
Link to the website in the castle:

Smart Contracts
The smart contract is verified and Dirty Cajun Rice is known by the DFK Team as an expert developer and previous employee at Electronic Arts.

All links and documentation is on the website.

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Love it! Simple, intuitive, and beautiful

As the game grows and we attract new players we will need trustless ways to trade assets. I support a platform that meets the needs of its players.