How can the community help advance DFK?

#How can the community help advance DFK?

(( Discord Roles: ))

@Blessith: How would you define this “Legendary Hero”? Would they have any special permissions in your eyes? Or basically just “truer” Heroes?


Legendary Hero: (Legend)
A Role that is reflected and relates to their ambition as builders, artists, developers, creative minds, social staples, Innovators.
More basic moderation privileges.
Responsible for hosting events within the community.
A Calendar can be scheduled to have the “Legendary Heroes” fill in days they can host said events.
Allow them to do community out reach on DFK related content while also helping the moderators keep the community safe.
People that want to step-up in the DFK community and do more than just invest, but help the community grow.
Allow Legendary Heroes to see moderator chat.
People that you can look at and say, we should be paying these guys; but they are here for the future of DFK and not just self interest. They guys and girls who have stuck it out and have helped Defi Kingdoms get to where it is today. whether it is building or public relations. There are plenty of community members willing to do Live Streams, help with software engineering, do art and animation work to further the advancement of DFK. Lets build a strong community base to help raise Defi Kingdoms to new Levels!

This should be a trusted position similar to Moderators but not affiliated with the Kingdom Studios Official Team.

Following project for a minimum of 7+ months (use discord for validation) and have consistently been active community members
-Can never be over 100 Legendary Heroes as mentioned above. Indispensable.
-Must have a interview with community Dev’s prior to becoming a Legend.
-Must send Kingdom Studio KYC information.

These aren’t your average Heroes, trusted, well voice, dedicated.

-Allow these(Legends) users to have daily events through the week on the Official DFK Discord

Legend Announcement Channel -Community Interaction/Steams/Events etc.
Legend Voice Channel -Streaming/Events

Would love to hear Kingdom Studio and Community Feedback.



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Thank you for the post. However, the best place for this suggestion is the talk site where the community can engage with it and vote it up:

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