To integrate to DFK Chain

Hello, is a tips platform which allows the streamer to receiving a tips in a token. Since my 9 years of the experience as a youtuber, this keeps relationship between the streamer/content creator and their fans.

In short, our platform is like steamlabs where we give tools to a streamer as follows

  1. give streamer the alert widget URL, where the streamer/content creator can put it in streaming software like OBS.
  2. The platform provides the donation history where the streamer, and the streamer can withdraw it to his/her metamask or any addresses (Now our MVP is ready, it currently supports USDC, USDT, ION, ETH on BNB chain)
  3. Also we provide the donation/Tip form URL for the streamer to give their fan and their fan can make a donation + giving a exclusive what that fan want to say to the streamer.

Since I am also one of the DFK Thailand community leader, I see for more over than 2 years that DFK having a very great community. So we plan to integrate JEWEL, crystal, jade to let people able to donate the tokens to their streamer.

Team Information

  • Myself is having my own channel in youtube running it like 9 years and testing donat3 on my own channel, also involving in the esports competition of one mobile games which the age is 9 years also :stuck_out_tongue: . so I understand how tips work and keep relation between the streamer and their fans.

  • 2 developers + 1 product owner experienced working in the crypto exchange and being in the industry for over 7 years.

Requests from DFK Team
We would like to know the overall process how do we integrate our Donat3 until we deploy a contract on DFK chain (may have both like the overview questions to DFK team + some technical questions).

Connection to DFK Game and DFK Blockchain

  • May need to pull transactions from DFK chain

Timeline with Milestones

  • 1 month for the DFK chain integration

Long Term Plan
we wish our platform + DFK can do not just give a donation to the DFK streamers. Imagine of the esports where the pro-players can get a tips from their beloved fans even not just in a token but in NFT or many more.

External Links
Donat3 is now ready in the MVP phase (can register ,start receiving tips in BNB chain):
the demo, how it works: