Application for Crypto Grady's YouTube Channel/DFK Marketing/Messeging

Description about Submission & a little about me:

This application is for EITHER/OR to be listed as an artist OR even to join the DFK team.

I first tippy toed into crypto in 2015, then by 2017, I was fully immersed, almost full time… Then through the previous bear market, learned everything the hard way! Lost a lot! Barely hung in there and then did really well the last bull run! I also had a couple businesses, including an insurance company that I sold last year and was full-time crypto!

I was constantly hunting for those crypto gems that few people know about and have phenomenal teams and Tokenomics! Low and behold, I came across defi kingdoms after a time! After months of deeply looking into the project and interacting with the team, I have found them to be the dream team of all crypto dream teams! I can go on and on about that! I have since created a YouTube channel, mostly talking about how extensive the DFK ecosystem is, and helping new players get into the game and get all the alpha!

Back in last May, when all the FUD came out against the team, I knew in my heart of hearts that is was all basically false and unwarranted. I thought to myself, “If I would have been on the team, I would have dealt with this, put it to bed, turned all the negatives into a positive and kept the ecosystem in tact!” In my mind, it was just a messaging issue…(which is very common amongst all crypto projects out there). I couldn’t help myself but come to the defense of the team publicly. It’s almost like I felt called to be a part of this team.

After the bridge hack, I have pretty much dedicated myself to sharing with the world about the dream team of all crypto dream teams! I have been dedicated to revitalizing what I saw as a dying DFK ecosystem and helping onboard new people into DFK. Thirdly I have been dedicated to inspiring and promoting other DFK content creators!

My Ethos is the Golden Rule, looking out for the best interest of others, even over my own best interest… And, what is best for the game and the DeFiKingdoms ecosystem…”What does good”…

I have been dedicated to reaching out to most all of the mainstream crypto influencers such as George w/ CryptosRus and Hustle with CryptoBanter (and Ran) via “super chats” during their live streams to “set the record straight” about the false FUD and explain all the awesome development & partnerships happening w/ DFK! Low and behold, it is beginning to pay off! I connected extensively with George multiple times and he responded well. I also deeply connected with Jett at Miami decentralCon, co-founder of “Next Crypto Gem” to help create the opportunity for DFK to hopefully be on the show!

I believe the work and effort required for adoption into the DFK ecosystem will need to equal the same amount of work and effort that has been put in to development of the game, the chain, and the DFK ecosystem. It wont just happen on its own! It wont be easy! Most crypto projects (even the good ones) don’t grow in their second bull run cycle. I believe I can help the team and the project with this…It is my strength/gift. I also have extensive business development skills and am able to operate as an Entrepreneurial Operating System (E.O.S.) “Implementor”. (book- Traction by Geno Wickman) that I could help the team with.

I got terribly wrecked from the Luna situation, the Fantom ecosystem, the harmony bridge hack, false FUD against defi kingdoms, and the Voyager situation…So I’ve been a mess! But hanging in there and I’ve been dedicated to helping spread the good word about defi kingdoms to the world!

No Synergy issues that I am aware of! I feel it is more like “hand in glove” and I believe I could also really help Bolon and Risen shine even brighter! I believe I could help coach Bolon and Risen keep their heads high when dealing with all the negativity/discouragement that frequently and typically comes with their job. (that is a very hard job and hard to juggle. They do a great job with that, I don’t think I could endure what they endure on a regular basis…Going through what they go through, a frequent positive and uplifting coach is almost always needed. They need frequent praise and appreciation for what they go through to help stay in the right headspace.) I believe I could really help them and I think I would work well with them.

Format of Submission
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Videos or podcasts:

  1. Lots of options, but this is great intro from my channel-
  1. This was a great interview from another YouTuber that I was recently on talking about my history w/ DFK! It was awesome and their response is priceless! This is an example of how I can help get others excited about DFK! (listen at 1.5x speed)-
  1. This is a very brief run-through of the E.O.S. system that I did for others as we were discussing creating a “DFK University”. If this interest you, I could do a dedicated video about this, just for DFK. (Listen at 1.5x speed)

A DFK Guru dedicated to helping onboard new users in DFK A-Z, AND here to give ALL the DFK ALPHA to become ADVANCED in the game!

Link or Upload



I’ve been loving all of Grady’s DFK content because the guy is persuasive and exciting. I certainly support the idea of listing his channel in the builder section of the webpage. At first glance, I mistook Grady for “just another degen.” After taking just a few minutes to listen to him, it’s clear that he is not just another degen. Rather, he is in the weeds on this project and taking efforts on his own to generate interest in the community for the right reasons – the product, the people, and the potential those two have together. I am stunned with the level of effort he has voluntarily put into marketing this game.

Final thoughts, I agree with his statements about the power of positive reinforcement for the team members who have to take the beatings from the community. Those guys rule. They deserve a hype man.


That means a lot!! Love you man!!:pray::pray::pray::fire::fire::fire:


The man needs no introduction. With hard work and dedication he made himself known. To where any player that is even slightly active in the community knows @CryptoGrady. He has inspired and influenced an entire generation of content creators and developers, including myself. His contributions to the field have set a high bar for others to strive for, and his dedication to his craft has proven that success is attainable through hard work and perseverance. He is the best hype man DFK could ask for. It’s a no brainer that he should be included in the castle.


Wow!! Thank you man!! You’re a legend! :fire::fire::pray::pray::pray:


I mean the man bleeds DFK and enriches this community on every level :100:. Hes encouraged and inspired so many players to bet on themselves. Hes the Undisputed people’s champ any project or community would kill to have him in their corner :crown::100: We appreciate you man :heart::pray:


You Legend! Man! I love you brother!!:fire::fire::pray::pray::pray:


Adding Grady as an Official member of the dfk team would be the best thing happening to dfk!
The man moves mountains with his energy and passion. Unique, one of a kind.
I am here because of him. Don’t let him go team!


Crypto Grady sold me into the game! He should definitely be a part of the team as a marketer or spokesperson!


Awe, wow man!!:pray::pray::pray::pray: That means a lot!!:pray::pray::pray::fire::fire:


Eric Tippet!! Love you man!! This man helped me with the channel creating the avatar art work and videos!!!:fire::fire::pray::pray:


Grady works tirelessly to spread and foster an extremely positive outlook for DefiKingdoms. His streams always have hundreds of views and energetic chat responses from the community. in a recent interview that Grady gave on a podcast, it is clear his desire to elevate and promote DFK is genuine. He truly respects and admires the leadership and dedication of the development team. And hold the administration in a very high regard. - (link to interview) - Grady, like the majority of the OG base sees the gap we have in promotion and marketing for the project. I believe his skills and ability to motivate and gain respect and trust from the community would be very beneficial in a Digital Marketing and Business Development role. The Unity Guild and me personally fully support his initiatives and vision for a VERY BULLISH growing DFK Future. “CRYPTOBABY


I completely agree!! The builders like you, Grady and others are the life blood for the project in creation of tools and recruiting! Thank you for your service to the community as well


Thank you CryptoBabyH!!!:pray::pray::fire::fire: wow!! That means a lot​:pray::pray::pray::pray:


Grady has a contagious aura of joy and passion, both on streams and in person, that are unrivaled. I think he’d make a great asset for Bolon’s team. If efforts such as the live raffles and other community outreach included Grady, I’m of the opinion they would reach another level. Like Beirut’s B018 underground bunker nightclub. Grady’s sweat and tears are more valuable than Gaia’s.


Grady is a gem. Whatever kingdom studios needs to do to keep him streaming and keep him talking DFK do it. His pure genuine energy is so infectious it’s hard to not tune in when he streams. If you ever want to get a pulse of what the community is thinking or feeling, Grady’s stream will give it to you.

Furthermore he loves debating and looking at issues from many different points of view. I personally have gone on and pushed back against grady and he listened to my point of view and opened up dialogue. I think a key part of a positive community is one that discusses when problems arise. Grady may be one of, if not the most, enthusiastic DFK fan and cheerleader, but he also will stress when he sees an issue with the game/community.

Grady your streams are amazing bud, keep ‘em going, and kingdom studios keep this guy around for the sake of all of us!


Dude! Zelys! Man! I love you!:fire::fire::fire::pray::pray: it was so awesome spending time with you in Miami!


Matty!! Wow!! I love you man! So humbled by that write up!! Wow!!:fire::fire::fire::pray::pray::pray: it really means a lot, all of this awesome support I’m getting from everyone!


Grady ! The man ! DFk’s town crier reaching the outer Kingdoms :saluting_face:
Thx for your dedication, the way you explore the DFK’s rabbit hole with such enthousiasm is good for everyone here. A precious talent used to make that Jewel we cherish to shine even more brighter :tophat: Whatever the words → thx Grady


Grady is the #1 cheerleader for all things DFK and it’s not even close. His passion and dedication to DefiKingdoms is unmatched and inspiring. He’s brought many players and influencers to this space. I cannot think anyone more deserving for their application to be accepted in this category (and there are many who are deserving as well). He has personally inspired me to stay in the game when I had doubts and I’m certain others would say the same. To deny his application would be a mistake and a devasting blow to DFK. But I do not think that would happen. I’m sure Kingdom Studios will welcome Grady of open arms.